About us

At Carina Day & Night Pharmacy, our vision is to be a pharmacy that delivers the highest quality medicinal care and advice to the community. We specialise in dispensing, compounding, counselling on all aspects of over the counter medicines and the supply of mobility equipment.

Our pharmacy has been part of the fabric of the Carina community since Guy Clarke dispensed his first prescription here in 1955 and created a reputation for service and a friendly welcome . This focus on care is still reflected in our team to this day. Our team of eight pharmacists, six pharmacy technicians and five pharmacy assistants have a wide breadth of experience to offer. In recent years there has been a trend towards Warehouse style pharmacies with younger staff and impersonal service. Our policy has remained to offer quality advice and service with more experienced staff.

Our Specialties

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Dispensing. We will go the extra mile to get difficult to obtain medicines.
  • Compounding. Our specialised staff can compound discontinued medicines and many other tailor made medicines
  • Mobility Equipment. A wide range of aids are available for sale or hire.
  • Pharmacist availability. We have two to three pharmacists on duty weekdays to offer extra advice and a friendly chat.
  • Pharmacy assistants with years of experience.