Supervised Rapid Antigen Test

Carina Day and Night Pharmacy is able to perform certified, supervised Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for the purposes of travel. The cost for this service is $44.99 including the cost of the test. This is a service which requires our trained pharmacist to instruct and supervise you performing a RAT and confirm that the result of the test is valid, then certify travel documents. As such, we offer bookings between 10AM and 4PM daily which are strongly preferred. Outside these hours, please call the pharmacy and discuss times and availability with our staff. If your test is for the purpose of international travel, please bring your passport with you, otherwise we won’t be able to certify the required documents and your test may not be accepted. 

Due to the time-intensive nature of the service and the unpredictable demands on our pharmacists’ time, please keep in mind that you may have to wait in store for our pharmacist to become available, especially if you require this service late hours or on weekends.

Please note this service is not suitable for clearance for return to work/return to school purposes. 

If you are booking for more than one member from the same family/group, please just make one booking, come in together and advise our friendly staff on arrival. Please allow an extra few minutes per person to process the additional paperwork.

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